Vampires exist!

Do vampires really exist? What does modern science have to tell about it? Can science also be fun? Do made-up authors exist? Why are the academics so boring? These and other issues are revealed in the books that tells all that you wanted to know (but were afraid to ask) about vampires.   


Science can also be fun! Support Emily Welkins, get yourself a copy of Till the last drop! Available in eBook format, Till the last drop! can be read on your PC, smartphone, tablet, or phablet!



Paper published in "Annals of Improbable Research"!

I am glad to announce that from now on theoritcal existence of vampires in once again supported by the our publication in the respected journal. Me and my colleagues, Dr. Wadim Strielkowski and Dr. Evgeny Lisin, had our article published in "Annals of Improbable Research". The journal's motto is "Improbable research is research that makes people laugh and then think".  The citation of our aricle is the following: 

Wadim Strielkowski, Evgeny Lisin, Emily Welkins (2013) Co-Existence of Vampires and Humans Is Possible: Proofs Based on Models Derived from Fiction Literature, Comic Books and Films, Annals of Improbable Research, Vol. 19 (1): 11-16. You can access the journal and read our paper here. You can also buy a high-resolution copy of the journal for your Kindle, iPhone or Android, or even order a print version to be delivered to your home! 

Hereby, I would like to express my gratitude to Marc Abrahams, the Editor of AIR for his support and recognition of our work! Everyone, give your support to Marc and check out his new book entitled "This is improbable" that is now available from Amazon and can be bought here.

Emily Welkins

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Emily Welkins used to be a mundane academic and an Assistant Professor at one unnamed Department of one unnamed University before her life took the new turn when she wrote and published her best-selling novel "Till the last drop!" in 2011.

The book which is a mixture of vampire literature and research in demography, epidemiology, mathematics and economics sells for just $0.99 at Amazon Kindle store (paperback version is also available from Lulu). It was well received by the academic community and numerous vampire fans all around the world (becoming particularly popular in the United States, India, Russia, UK, and China). 

"Till the last drop!" helped Emily to fulfill her dream: to demonstrate that science can be interesting and exciting. She is now working on a sequel and considering offers from major publishing houses and movie industry.

The sequel to the "Till the last drop!" is called "From the first bite!" and it will focus on the belief in lunar effect and the possibility of the existence of werewolves. It will be out as an ebook and paperback some time around Halloween 2016.

Many happy returns!

Happy Halloween! :)

The sequel to the Till the last drop! is coming out soon!

Are vampires real?

If vampires were real and were planning their debut or coming-out party, this would probably be the book that they would cite to get everyone thinking about a peaceful co-existence. Maybe they are planning to show up spontaneously.

Science and progress these days are far beyond imagination. Artificial blood may be invented soon (then there would be no reason for vampires to hide any longer)!



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  Our academic publication demonstrates that vampires and humans might co-exist! Dear fans and followers, I am glad to announce that from now on the existence of vampires in supported by the scientific publication in the respected academic journal. Me and my colleagues, Dr. Wadim Strielkowski...
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For questions pertaining book sales and copyrights, please contact my PR manager, Wadim Strielkowski ( Wadim knows everything, and if he does not, he will try his best to find it out.

Emily Welkins supports Laukaemia and Lymphoma Research, the only UK charity solely dedicated to research into blood cancers.

"Till the last drop! for dummies" is the my new project. The existence of vampires is explained without any difficult mathematics, formulae and graphs! The book will be available from Amazon (as an eBook or in a paperback format) soon!


Emily Welkins