Emily Welkins used to be a mundane academic and an Assistant Professor at one unnamed research unit of one unnamed Department of one unnamed University... Well, who cares about it now? :)

Anyways, her life changed abruptly when she published "Till the last drop!" on the Christmas Eve of 2011. The book's idea - to mish-mash popular-culture stuff on vampires from the neo-vampiric wave of Twilight, Blade, Buffy and True Blood - came to her while watching...well, the "True Blood" itself.

Several scientists before tried to show that the existence of vampires is not scientifically possible. However, no one tried to look deeper and find out what would be the conditions under which the co-existence of vampires and humans might actually be possible. We cannot deny what we cannot prove. Moreover, it appears that vampires might exist after all. Check Emily's book to see how and why!

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