The coronavirus pandemic? Don't panic!


Human history is full of infectious diseases that would leave tens of thousands and more dead. The coronavirus pandemic we are facing today might be a nature's mechanism to prevent overpopulation and therefore an almost sure extinction of the humanity. Infections spread violently, just like vampires, but we have many ways how to stop them. 

Till the last drop! is a book that employs mathematical models to evaluate different scenarios of infectious diseases and their impact on mankind. 

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In 2018, scientists from the University of Cambridge and London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine together with BBC Four launched a citizen science experiment in the United Kingdom (read more in the paper by Petra Klepac et al.). A smartphone app called 'BBC Pandemic' was created to record volunteers’ movements and selfreported contacts. The Big data was used to build and run a detailed model of how a pandemic would spread in the UK. Also check the exciting documentary ‘Contagion! The BBC Four Pandemic’.

How can we stop the COVID-19 infection?

Science and progress these days are far beyond imagination. Even though quarantine, isolation and (if available) vaccination are a must, the humanity has so many useful tools and technologies it did not have in the times of the Spanish Flu of the Great Plague. Together we will beat the coronavirus pandemic! Learn more here.


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"Till the last drop!" which was published in 2011 is a mixture of vampire literature and research in demography, epidemiology, mathematics and economics was well received by the academic community and numerous vampire fans all around the world. Please feel free to download the poster summarizing the models and simulations from the book.

COVID-19 started from bats.

Was it created in a lab?

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Coronaworld: tourism and the pademic

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"Till the last drop! for dummies" is the my new pet project. We explain how the infectious diseases (e.g. COVID-19) are spreading (just like vampires) without any difficult mathematics, formulae and graphs! The book will be available for download soon.

Vampires as a metaphor for infectious diseases? 

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